Nothing in here tonight.

I am back at this again, it has been awhile but that’s what I am good at doing. I love to stop things just as quick as I start them. I have no idea why I can’t commit to anything long enough. Maybe it’s boredom in the end, that’s the easy way out, the fast and simple reason, right?

I feel like this is gonna be a short blurb of an entry, my brain is not working at this time. I am pretty distracted by this Netflix show called, “The Keepers.” I must say this show just makes me so sad and so angry. I will not go into details right now, but I spent two episodes crying. Those stories hurt and it is very triggering as well.
I can’t watch that show long in one sitting. I did only one episode tonight and it’s not that long of a show.

I think I will end this here and maybe pick it back up later. I will hopefully some more insight or even thoughts then. Oh me.


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