Short blurb because I feel worse about my birthday than I did the other night.
My dad asked if I did anything for my birthday, I told him no. He was almost shocked, you didn’t go out or anything? I said nope.

In order for that to have happened, you would actually need friends. I guess I don’t have any in the end. I really thought I had at least a few.
Thanks for that reminder.

I know these posts always sound so whiny and full of complaints but this is a way for me to express these thoughts and not vent to someone who clearly doesn’t care about me.
Despite all the complaining, I really am a pretty positive person as well. I do have a very optimistic look on life even if it is coated with pessimism. I tend to just go with the motions, the ebb and flow of life. Maybe I am far too weird, odd, complex, or just stupid…
I don’t know.


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